3 Ways to Enhance Shopper Experience With Pharmacy Shelving

Posted by Robert Walthall on Thu, Aug, 25, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

3 Ways to Enhance Shopper Experience With Pharmacy ShelvingFor smaller, independent pharmacy owners, enhancing the shopper experience is critical to staying ahead of the competition and attracting customers to make return visits to your drugstores regularly. Let's face it, customers likely have plenty of choices when it comes to shopping for their medicines and other drugstore-type items, and the way in which you craft your store environment can have a huge impact on where they decide to spend their hard-earned dollars. If being in your store makes them feel good or "at home," then they're likely to choose what you're offering instead of opting for the mega-store pharmacy down the road.

Surveys have shown that many drug store customers prefer the "hometown" independent shop over the large chain stores or big-box operations, and one of the many reasons for this is because of the experience of shopping within a warm, comfortable environment. Much of this has to do with the design and installation of your pharmacy shelving and fixtures, the type of lighting provided, the color schemes used, and the use of informative or interesting (entertaining) point of purchase displays.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

If your store's fixtures are ten years old or older, chances are good you're ready for an update. If they're looking bent or sagging or have any rust or sharp edges, they're probably no longer fit for properly displaying your merchandise. Old, worn-out shelves and fixtures cast a poor reflection on your store. Many people will associate the level of your pharmacy's appearance with the level of care you provide to your patients. That's only logical. The more you care for your own appearance and belongings, the more likely you are to provide a high level of care to your customers.

Updating the look of your pharmacy should be an ongoing exercise, not only to make sure things continue to look good but also to change up the look on a regular basis so that your steady clientele doesn't become bored with your displays and pass them by without a second look.

  1. Today's modern gondola shelving is easy to disassemble and move about, making configuration changes quick and easy.
  2. 3-way end caps with hot-selling products can instantly grab attention. They can be fixed with shelves or pegboard with hooks, hangers, baskets, etc.
  3. Well-placed point of purchase displays can offer customers something new and exciting at every turn.

Point of Purchase Displays

Point of purchase display options exist in many different configurations and, when properly utilized, have been shown to move lots of merchandise. They may be placed in strategic points throughout the store, being especially successful when put in locations where people will be waiting. This includes near the prescription counter where patients will be waiting for their medicines and also at the checkout counter.

Point of purchase displays are ideal for showcasing seasonal items, such as Halloween or Christmas candies or, in summertime, items such as suntan lotion, zinc oxide, sunglasses, and sunburn relief creams or gels. Small countertop displays can be used right on the checkout counter as long as they're not so tall as to block the cashier's view or the footprint doesn't take up too much counter space. Stand-alone displays can be used pretty much anywhere and should be bright and contain thoughtful or humorous information that causes passersby to stop and look.

Enhancing the shopper experience goes considerably beyond shelves, fixtures, and displays, but with everything working together, you can create a winning combination. Your appreciative and loyal customers will hopefully spread the word, and the business will continue to grow!

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