5 Great Tips to Help Retail Wall Shelving Move Merchandise

Posted by Robert Walthall on Tue, Apr, 25, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

5 Great Tips for Making Your Retail Wall Displays Move More MerchandiseAny top chef would undoubtedly agree that the secret to an award-winning dish encompasses more than just quality ingredients combined in a certain way. Presentation of the product also holds a great deal of importance in the eventual outcome of the success of the dish, and great pains are often taken to make whatever has been prepared appear as appetizing as possible. Even the most delicious and nutritious concoction served up in a fine restaurant will likely lose its appeal if presented in a shoddy, haphazard manner.

The same can be said for retail wall display or other merchandising displays found in your store. No matter how appealing the actual merchandise being offered is, it will likely lose customer appeal if it’s displayed shoddily or haphazardly. This may result in potential buyers passing your retail goods by; additionally, word may spread among their circle of influence that the shopping experience provided in your establishment is less than stellar, to say the least.

Making the Most of Your Retail Wall Shelving Designs

When deciding on your store's design and layout, you should aim to create a pleasing combination that’s attractive as well as functional. This will likely include a combination of free-standing shelves in the center section of the merchandise area that can be positioned in such a way as to direct the flow of traffic throughout each of the store’s separate sections, plus retail wall display setups that add a contrasting look and focus attention to the perimeter areas. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Slat wall panel displays provide a versatile, efficient means of showing off many different types of products. Panels are available in various colors as well as a variety of materials and textures, from wood and glass to high-density plastics and metal. Accessories such as baskets, brackets, and hooks can be combined to create eye-popping displays; different materials like wood or laminates can be used as a more desirable alternative to plain, industrial-looking metal.

  2. Wall display shelving can be used as a counterpoint to slat wall panels around perimeter walls to make things look even more interesting. You want to create a consistent "look" so that each display, though different, is compatible with others. The displays should also tie in with the theme of your free-standing shelves located throughout the store.

  3. Displays may be either permanent or moveable, but it’s always a good idea to move products around to new areas occasionally so display areas don’t become stale. Simply moving items from one area to another can give the impression, especially to regular customers, that new items have come in recently, and they’ll come over to check these items out.

  4. Installing wall displays that incorporate built-in lighting can produce a pleasing effect and draw customers’ attention to that area. Using warm colors for display backgrounds while mixing in some bright highlight colors will also draw interest and attention.

  5. When displaying your retail merchandise, avoid clutter and promote a pleasing color and contrast between the items being displayed and the fixtures and shelves on which they’re being offered. Products of similar type, if displayed vertically rather than horizontally, will cause viewers to spend more time looking at all the display areas rather than just those at eye level.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks used by professional display designers to help increase a store’s appeal and garner more customer attention. Try them out and see if they can help you in moving more merchandise too.

Choosing the Best Design for Your Retail Shelving

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