5 Pharmacy Shelving Mistakes to Avoid

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5 Pharmacy Shelving Mistakes to AvoidWhether you're building a new pharmacy, remodeling an existing one, remodeling a vacant commercial space into a pharmacy or simply upgrading your current pharmacy shelving with something newer or better, you can learn a great deal by studying the results of those who have gone before you in a similar venture. As a pharmacy owner or manager, it may come as somewhat of a surprise to you that when pharmacy builds or remodels are getting put into motion, the planning stages often require as much or more time to complete than the actual construction phase. Here's where the old "measure twice, cut once" comes into play.

Although you may be considering going it on your own, hiring an experienced and well-respected pharmacy design consulting firm can significantly reduce the time required for your build or remodel. A consultant with a proven track record can be an invaluable resource in helping you avoid mistakes that might otherwise slow your project down. This applies not only to the pharmacy shelving design and installation you'll be undertaking. but also to each and every other step along the way.

Why Your Shelving Should be a Priority

Properly designed and installed pharmacy shelving and fixtures can do a great deal more than simply showcase your inventory in the retail merchandising section of your pharmacy and store the stock kept in the back-end area. One huge mistake that others have made in their store design is waiting until near the end of the build or remodel to purchase the shelves and fixtures with whatever budget remained for the project and then trying to fit them in as best they could. This is a sure recipe for disaster, especially if the shelves and fixtures you end up buying are cut-rate units that don't do justice to the rest of your new construction efforts. The following are several other pharmacy shelving mistakes you'll definitely want to avoid:

  1. Studies conducted on the psychology of the retail shopper reveal that most customers act similarly when faced with specific situations. It's known, for example, that visitors to your store will naturally look left then turn right when entering the front door. This is a natural way of "going with the flow." Don't make the mistake of installing fixtures or shelves in such a way that it becomes difficult for them to following this natural tendency.

  2. Avoid using shelves that all look alike and that feature nothing but straight lines and sharp corners. Serpentine gondolas are a good way to add interesting visual uniqueness to your displays. Employing the use of 270-degree viewable end caps on an assortment of these shelves will not only break up the monotony of long, straight aisles but also allow you to bring focus to special items you wish to highlight.

  3. Avoid using industrial-grade shelves. You don't want your store to appear like the chain-store competition, so don't look to purchase your pharmacy shelving where they purchase theirs. Get creative. There are so many options available today as far as colors, construction materials, configurations, etc. Even custom-constructed shelving displays can be considered for certain applications within your store.

  4. Don't forget to change displays frequently to keep things looking new and especially making them look interesting to your regular customers. Lightweight yet strong and durable shelves that are easy to relocate are the best choice for promoting regular rearrangements.

  5. Shelves should be carefully stocked to avoid clutter and promote an attractive appearance.

These are just a few tips regarding your pharmacy shelving. You can find additional hints here.

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