Retail Design: Six Ideas to Keep it Simple

Posted by Robert Walthall on Tue, Feb, 26, 2013 @ 12:42 PM

retail design simpleWhen entering a retail space, most customers want to find what they need in as quick and uncomplicated manner as possible. It is the job of store designers to find the best retail display solutions to satisfy this need. The best of these solutions have one thing in common; they keep the shopping experience as simple and trouble free as possible. Here are six ideas about retail design that should be implemented in any retail space:

Keep the Entire Retail Space Open

Low displays that provide unobstructed views of the entire shopping space are preferred by customers. In addition to facilitating quick and easy movement throughout the store, open sight lines provide a feeling of safety and security as there are no blind spots or potentially dangerous areas. Opening up the space also allows for greater flexibility in creating and installing temporary merchandising displays and fixtures.

Display All Merchandise Properly

It should seem obvious but, often, retailers forget that their products are the main reason that customers show up at their store in the first place. It is absolutely essential to use retail shelving to showcase the products. Superior fixtures that are of the right height, provide the right viewing angle and are easily illuminated with the proper lighting. From the retailers point of view, attractive fixtures should also be somewhat versatile, moveable and easy to clean.

Provide Adequate Directional Signage

Nothing frustrates a customer faster than the inability to find what they are looking for. For years, it has been a design fundamental to place many key items at the back of a store to force customers to peruse a variety of lesser needed items. Customers will accept such retail “tactics” as long as well-placed and obvious signage points them in the right direction.

Minimize Clutter & Maximize Display Space

Maximizing the selling space of a location is always of great concern to a retailer. After all, the more products that are displayed, the more products will be sold. Still, the products should not just be dumped into bins and a “Sale” sign thrown on them. Nor should, disparate items be displayed together. It is confusing and frustrating for the customer and sales will definitely suffer. Instead, a prudent retailer will utilize the right retail display solutions to keep his store uncluttered, organized and attractive.

Showcase the Best Items

Placing new, sale or “must have” items in places of great visibility is one of the best ways to increase sales and, more importantly, make the entire shopping process easier and more pleasant for your customers.  A customer who discovers a great product in your store increases your sales and also increases their perception of the value of your store. It is a win-win situation.

The Bottom Line

Simplifying the shopping experience should be high on any retailer’s list of priorities. Simply put, the inclusion of fundamental design principles such as open sight lines, attractive retail display solutions and good directional signage will improve his customer’s level of satisfaction. This satisfaction will, in turn, lead to larger purchases per visit, increased return visits and greater overall profitability.

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