Retail Display Cases - Some Facts to Remember

Posted by Robert Walthall on Tue, May, 21, 2013 @ 01:25 PM

retail display caseDisplays often play on deep seated mental structures to influence the attention of a buyer. There is an unconscious response in the mind of every customer when they reach for items on the counter, or when they are passing by a street-front display; these triggers are incorporated in the shelving and display solution that you employ for your store. These triggers initiated by your display solution are what your customers will base their decision on in buying your products. Let's take a look at some of these facts for visibility:

Contrast and Color

Depending on the product that is on display, the contrast presented should never overwhelm the product image. This essentially means that you should not put red items on a red shelf, in using an extreme example. In positively influencing the customer's decision, the product should be more noticeable as compared to the shelving or display solution. This is accomplished by using the shelving to present the contrast of the product, reducing how transparent the product is, or its lack of appeal for color and contrast, for instance, the use of a transparent display or a white background.

For other products like clothing, a rich cozy color like rich mahogany or pine can surprisingly brighten up your display. Home appliances and accessories displayed in a home-like environment score extra points for visibility and customer appeal.

Accessibility and Arrangement

Have you ever noticed that items at the top of the shelf sometimes get the least attention? As long as the products are not directly incident to the average line of sight of your customers, there is a possibility that they will be ignored. In mitigating this, similar products of varying quantities and types are sometimes  arranged vertically (from top to bottom) not horizontally (from side to side). This will drive the customer to take a long look at all the shelf levels in seeking the variance in the same type or brand of products.  This gets you thinking on how best you can arrange your products for the best positive influence.

Space and Illusion

Display cases are not meant to be too deep, ideally, they should only occupy two lines of the product. You need to give the impression that the products on display create an illusion of numerous quantities and more space. In other words, by creating the illusion that there are more variations of a product on a shelf than there really are it appears that there is a complete stock in variety and quantities. There are a few methods used to give the illusion of depth and capacity.


For products that usually point to health or medical care, a well-lit display works best for displaying all your of products; whether it's a glowing shelf with the most revolutionary selection of medication, or a fruit stand with overhead lighting to bring out the attractiveness of rich color. 

Physical features

Trending retail display solutions are not only designed to attract your customers and increase product visibility, but they are designed to be custom fit for your business premises. They should be sturdy and durable for years of reliable service, making your customers perceive the permanence of your setup.


Perhaps the key information you can take from this is that you need to make your display designed for your products. Your retail display solutions have to be made especially fit for your specific business needs in achieving:

  • Customer appeal

  • Brand Image

After the installation of your shelving and display is completed, you want to stand back and get the impression you want your customers to experience.


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