Slatwall Panels Offer Retailers Versatility and Diversity

Posted by Robert Walthall on Tue, Apr, 02, 2013 @ 09:08 AM

slatwall panelsWhat makes a stunning retail display design? It’s the sum of all parts, the combination of functionality and aesthetics. It’s stunning because people peer at your store from the outside and get attracted to the your products hanging on the walls as if they were floating. How your products are arranged (functionality) and how they look to potential customers (aesthetics) largely depends on your retail display solutions. Your store fixtures and shelves can make or break not only your retail interior design but your bottom line as well. This is why most retailers trust slatwall panels to place their products just above eye level.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and cost-effective retail display solution, slatwall panels will do a great job of turning your store into vibrant place for shopping.

What are Slatwall Panels?

You can commonly find these panels in varieties of stores such as clothing shops, sports shops, stationary stores and automobile accessories shops. The label “slatwall” is sort of misleading since these type of panels are not really walls. They’re mobile retail store shelving units made of thick wire meshes, which you can either install directly on the wall or mount on specially-designed legs. And because they’re mobile and lightweight, retail shop owners can easily install them or change their position to fit items of any size. This is why slatwall panels are considered versatile and diverse. You can fully customize them to meet your business needs. It doesn’t matter whether yours is a classic-looking shop or an ultra-modern store.

Why Use Slatwall Panels for Your Retail Store?

There are plenty of reasons why slatwall panels are popular among retailers. For one, they’re impressive money-savers. Place them in any spot and they'll naturally blend into your store ambiance or even enhance it. You don’t have to worry how to design your shop with slatwall panels. Below are common reasons why retailers use them.

Beautify and simplify retail space.

If your space is limited, you can easily install slatwalls to place items wherever you want them. You can then get rid of shelves that crowd your retail store. Remember, by freeing up valuable floor space you’re at the same time giving your customers an opportunity to move around comfortably and pick carefully on items they want to buy. Using slatwall panels as a space-saving technique will also enhance your store layout. Less shelves mean a more open and attractive interior space, and more organized and uncluttered item display.

Have a neat and attractive design that matches your brand.

Slatwall panels come in different materials and sizes. You can easily blend them into your store ambiance, product or brand. For instance, you can choose between a wooden or bamboo and powder-coated panels. Or you can have those with a chrome finish, if that’s going to help you create the ambiance you want. The key to maximizing slatwall panels is to match its material to your brand or specific product. You can also add face-outs, hooks and hang rails to enhance the look of your display. And you can finish it off with signs to attract customers’ attention.

Save time and money with quality panels.

Retailers who make the best use of slatwall panels are not only able to attract more customers and increase sales, they are also able to save hours and money spend on cleaning other types of fixtures. High-quality slatwall panels last for years and you only need to dust them daily. You don’t need to invest in expensive shelves and racks that only take up more floor space.

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