Retail Display Lighting Can Boost Sales

Posted by Robert Walthall on Mon, May, 06, 2013 @ 08:00 PM

retail display lightingRetail displays come in many shapes and sizes, everything from seasonal window displays to themed exhibits. The one thing though that is of the utmost importance in any retail display is the lighting. Displaying merchandise is an art which attracts the attention of customers and what better way to attract attention than with the proper lighting. Artists use lighting to their advantage when creating masterpieces and you can do the same with your product displays! Lighting can be used in a myriad of ways and colors which may create themes that individualize the different products and departments of your retail business.

Some reasons that retail display solutions are solved with lighting are as follows:

  • Increased awareness: Lighting enhances the ability of the customer to see beyond the normal range of what is directly in front of them at eye level. Using lighting techniques that vary in brightness can direct the gaze from the least bright light to the brightest light without the customer even paying attention as to why they are following the lighting sequence. Lighting increases awareness in this manner. Accent lighting can be used to feature or highlight certain products over others.

  • Enhances visual appeal: Lighting enhances the visual appeal of merchandise. The ability to see an object in depth makes the object more desirable. Lighting used properly can create any and every emotion in a themed environment and one of the biggest reasons for purchases is emotion.

  • Attracts customers: Lighting energizes the customer, the product, and the retail employees. Lighting can create the feeling of comfort and well-being for the customer thereby determining the length of time the customer may browse in the retail establishment. A comfortable shopping experience may entice the customer to make more purchases. Generally when a person is at their comfort level they make better decisions.

  • Presentation: Presentation is everything! The initial opinion of something is generally the most important opinion. How merchandise is presented determines whether or not it is appealing and therefore sold. Lighting assists retail business owners in making the right presentation that leaves a lasting impression on customers.

  • Supports the product: Lighting supports the product by enhancing its appeal as it creates focal points that draw attention to the product, the display area, and the establishment.

  • Arouse emotions: Just like lighting is used on stage to create atmosphere it works the same way in retail establishments. Lighting arouses your customer’s emotions and carries information which in turn puts the customer in touch with his feelings towards the merchandise he is viewing. 

  • Creates ambiance: Lighting enables the retail establishment to create the right ambiance for every type of merchandise it carries. Lighting sets the stage and tells the story for the merchandise. A spotlight on a prom dress, a warm glow on a wine glass, the customer can feel the ambiance!

Lighting defines space, enables customers to move freely, and conveys visual information concerning colors, fabrics, and surfaces. Lighting is equally important to customers and sales people. Lighting bestows that certain atmosphere that can make your retail establishment unique in its marketplace. The right lighting enhances your staff, your merchandise, and your customer’s shopping experience. Retail lighting solutions are the key to turning a void retail environment into an explosion of luminance; therefore lighting in retail stores is of the utmost importance.  

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