Gondola Shelving: A Basic Staple of Retail Store Displays

Posted by Robert Walthall on Thu, Aug, 29, 2013 @ 02:49 PM

gondola-shelvingVersatile, sturdy, and a staple of retailers for decades, gondola shelving can be used in an almost endless variety of arrangements. Its streamlined, uniquely customizable flexibility means it can blend into any environment – and it's easy changeability means that you can use it in an almost infinite variety of configurations, with the ability to display items of every size and type.

What are gondola shelving systems comprised of?

Gondola shelving systems are comprised of any of the following components:

The freestanding shelving unit

Freestanding shelving units sit on the floor, on a sturdy base deck. The base deck is bisected by a vertical steel wall that provides the backing for shelving on either side of the unit. The backing piece is either left in its original state or can have pegboard backing installed; this allows you to hang items as you wish for display. Individual units can be left as stand-alone units or can be joined together with other units to create one large display; these joined shelving units are called "runs."

The wall unit

The wall unit variation is similar to the double-sided freestanding gondola shelving unit, but has single shelving on one side only so that the unit can be placed against a wall.

The end cap

The gondola end cap can be used in conjunction with freestanding gondola shelving unit(s) for even more versatility and set up very quickly to showcase specials and other "impulse buy" merchandise. Endcaps are often set up at the ends of aisles for best visibility and to take advantage of customers' propensity for impulse buys.  

What are the benefits of gondola shelving?

  • Instant setup anywhere. Gondola units can be set up and broken down very quickly. Unlike permanently installed shelving, this allows you to create new shelving configurations as needed and gives you product display flexibility you wouldn't otherwise have.

  • Adjustable and changeable shelving. Gondola units' shelving is adjustable in one-inch height increments and can be kept level, or tilted up or down as needed. While many gondola units use heavy duty steel shelves, they are also available in glass, wood and other materials as needed for a customized and truly unique look.

  • No post attachments needed. Because gondola shelves are stabilized by attaching them to the units' backing wall, there are no post attachments needed to secure the shelves. This makes it possible to display products for best visibility and also makes set-up easy.

  • A variety of heights available. Gondola shelving units are available in a variety of heights suited to your needs. This gives you as a retailer the ability to choose the exact height of gondola shelving unit needed for your own retail space, without having to "make do" with shelving that is too tall or too short.

  • No wasted floor space. With your retail space at a premium, gondola shelving's easy setup capabilities mean that there's no wasted floorspace because shelving units can be moved as needed. Unlike permanent fixtures, you can change the configuration of your stores lay out any time you want to.

  • Match your shelving units' look to your decor Gondola shelving comes in a variety of colors and styles. Choose what you need to match your decor without having to "make do" with shelving that doesn't match.

  • Buy once for a long term investment that lasts. A single investment in this shelving can last for years, with its sturdy quality construction. In addition, because it is so versatile, you don't have to buy an endless number of shelving options for each display you'll need. Gondola shelving can just about "do it all" -- and that saves you time and money.

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