Gondola Shelving - A Fancy Name for A Retail Standard

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describe the imageGondola shelving is ubiquitous to the retail industry because of its sturdy construction, versatility and changeability. As a retailer, you don't have to be stuck with stationary shelving. Instead, choose this shelving for your display needs – either temporary or "permanent" – that can be set up and broken down easily. Change your store's layout as you need to, very quickly. Opt for a fresh, new look, for example, or reconfigure to make the best use of space when you expand your inventory for sale.

Standalone shelving units, yes, but so much more

Gondola shelving systems are probably best known as freestanding units, also known as "islands." These are placed on the floor with a central metal piece, heavy duty, providing the backing for shelving on either side. Shelving is then secured on either side of this central piece. You can change the look of the island by using the metal paneling as is, or installing pegboard backing to hang items. Configure shelving displays by using islands individually or joining them together with other units for a larger display. These "conjoined" units are called "runs."

Other gondola shelving components

  • End cap

As their name suggests, end caps are usually placed at the end of islands or runs. End caps expand display space easily and seamlessly, since they're the same height and width as the island or run they're next to. They blend in with the existing shelving for a cohesive look.

  • Wall unit

The wall unit is similar to the island, but has shelving on just one side, not both. The wall unit is placed against a wall and is not freestanding.

Gondola shelving is so versatile because it's so adjustable and durable

  • It's made of heavy-duty steel

Gondola shelving is made of heavy-duty steel, for superior durability. This saves you money, since you can make a single investment in gondola shelving and expect to enjoy years of continuous use.

  • Its shelving is instantly adjustable

The shelves are instantly adjustable and can be tilted up or down for display, or positioned flat as needed. Shelving height adjusts in one-inch increments to suit your needs exactly.

  • There's no need for post attachments

While many shelving choices have four-post configurations, gondola shelving is attached to a steel central wall that sits on a "base deck." This makes it easy to adjust shelving height and position quickly. The bottom shelf sits immediately atop the base deck, so that there's no wasted space.

  • You can choose the height

Choose the height of your unit, from 3 to 6 feet, customizable in 6 inch increments 3 feet tall, 3.5 feet tall, etc.). Choose the exact height you need for your retail space.

Change your store's layout – and then change it again

Once shelving units are set up, leave as is indefinitely, or change your layout as necessary. Because you can create any configuration you choose at any time, precious floorspace is never wasted.

Pick from a variety of colors and styles

Although gondola shelving is sturdy, it is by no means bland. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to suit your particular decor. This shelving is meant to blend into or accent your decor, (your choice), not to stick out like a sore thumb or look "institutional."

Buy once, and your investment that will last for years

Gondola shelving provides a long-term go-to retail display solution that not only is endlessly versatile for your display needs, but is sturdy and long-lasting as well. Buy once for years of dependable use that will reflect well on your bottom line and save you time, too.

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