Point of Purchase Displays Should Change with the Seasons

Posted by Robert Walthall on Mon, Sep, 30, 2013 @ 09:25 AM

seasonal-point-of-purchase-displaysYour point of purchase displays are powerhouse communication devices, devices that bring products to your customers' attention quickly and effectively. They can be one of your best returns on investment for your advertising dollars.

These displays captivate your customers' attention for products they might overlook otherwise – and they're designed to take best advantage of your customers' propensity to "impulse buy." These displays fulfill a "need," an urgency, that your customers must fulfill.

These powerhouse advertising tools can't be their most effective unless you change them regularly, however – not just when you need a fresh look, but seasonally, too.

Why is it important to change point of purchase displays with the seasons?

Change keeps things fresh, exciting and new

Point of purchase displays work by capitalizing on the fact that customers are already in the store and ready to buy. They're already in your store to buy what they came for, and point of purchase displays use that to entice further buying.

However, your displays become ineffective when you leave them up for long periods of time, because they become "invisible." Customers walk right by them and once attention-getting (and therefore profitable) displays become boring has-beens that customers don't even see any more.

When you change things and use new point of purchase displays with every season, you refresh your store's look and make products visible once again.

You can capitalize on seasons' changing and the sense of renewal that brings

No matter where you live, people are generally ready for a seasonal change after months of the same. Long, cold, dark days of winter give way to the first fresh breezes and new light of spring in March, chilly nights and still-unpredictable days in May and early June give way to the unflappable warmth of summer, the heat doldrums of August give way to the first crisp, fresh fall smells in September.

With every seasonal change, there's a sense of anticipation and excitement that you can capitalize on with your point of purchase displays. Every season, change all of your displays to reflect that newness, a "fresh start." Focus on products that speak to the season at hand. Look to fresh new designs for spring in retail, or on products that helpfully allows customers to "stock up" on much-needed medications for springtime in pharmacy.

How should you best change your point of purchase displays to keep pace with the seasons?

Use "short and sweet" messages that focus customers' attention on the season

Anything textual should be interesting, exciting, and should communicate a definite benefit, but should also be to the point and succinct: "Get ready for your trick-or-treaters: Stock up on Halloween candy!"

Use bright, seasonal colors and art that capture customers' attention and get them "in the mood" to buy

Warm seasonal colors like brown, orange, yellow, red and tan in autumn, with depictions of pumpkins, ghosts and goblins (Halloween) or turkeys and cornucopias (Thanksgiving) should be used liberally in your displays. Fun, festive and aesthetically pleasing, these displays will stand out "from the crowd," so to speak. Placed strategically throughout the store, they'll also provide a visually pleasing diversion to customers as they shop, something to break up the mundane, and provide yet another subtle nudge to buy.

Don't forget the call to action

Always include something in your seasonal display messages that urge customers to buy NOW. "Today only: All Halloween costumes are half price! Buy now and SAVE!" Seasonal displays themselves are only available for a limited time, as well, so combine a powerful message with the eye catching display to truly increase sales.

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