Optimization of Displays, Pharmacy Fixtures Influence Product Sales

Posted by Robert Walthall on Mon, Jun, 09, 2014 @ 09:30 AM

optimization_of_displaysIf you really want the products in your pharmacy to sell, you have to focus on optimizing your displays so that your customers will be drawn to your products and want to buy them. How?

Use gondola shelving as the mainstay

You'll be using other pharmacy fixtures, too. However, gondola shelving should be central to your merchandising and shelf optimization, because:

  • You can choose its color and style

Gondola shelving is sturdy and industrial, but it doesn't look like it. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to fit your decor -- no need to skimp on aesthetics.

  • You can buy it once and use it again and again

Gondola shelving is the sturdiest of the pharmacy fixture and shelving choices. Make a single investment in gondola shelving that will last for years. It comes in heights ranging from three to six feet and can be adjusted in six-inch increments so you can customize it to your space.

  • You can create – and re-create – your store's layout

Gondola shelving looks stationary – but it's not, quite. It's heavy, sturdy, and "immovable" when it's assembled, but you can break it down and set it up again in a different configuration to change your floor plan whenever you wish.

Gondola shelving components

  • The "island"

The island sits on the floor and has a heavy-duty, central metal piece that provides backing for gondola shelving on either side. The shelving units themselves are secured to the central piece. Use the metal paneling as the back wall of the shelving on either side as is, or attach pegboard backing and hang items. Join individual freestanding units together for larger units called "runs."

  • The wall unit

Wall units are similar to islands, but the shelving is just on one side. This one-sided unit is placed against a wall instead of functioning as a freestanding island.

  • The endcap

Endcaps let you extend a particular gondola island or run's display space when another attached island or section is not needed, and simply blend in with the rest of the unit. This is a great way to extend pharmacy fixtures shelving space when you don't need a lot more room.

Consider slatted gondola units if you need movable pharmacy fixtures for lighter weight merchandise

Sometimes you need a versatile shelving option that's also mobile. In that case, consider slatted gondola units for lighter weight merchandise. They have smaller footprints than gondola shelving units, and are mobile.

These pharmacy fixtures are sleek and refined, just as slatted wall panels are, but they are sturdier than slatwall panels. They have heavy-duty shelving and slats – but they are mobile and lighter than gondola units.

  • Use them freestanding or as wall units

Just as with gondola shelving, you can use slatted gondola units either freestanding or as wall units.

  • Mix and match products for display

Choose hooks, brackets, rails, shelves, and hooks to mix and match merchandise shapes, weights, and materials in the same display for best effect.

  • Put slatted gondola units on wheels

While standard gondola shelving is meant to be stationary once it's set up, slatted gondola units can be moved wherever you need them. This may be especially useful when you need to move displays, such displays of seasonal or high-volume items placed near the checkout, but don't want to go through the trouble of dismantling and reconstructing displays.

Gondola shelving is a versatile, sturdy, reliable solution to all of your merchandise shelf optimization needs. Whether you need standard gondola shelving or a lighter and more mobile option in the slatted gondola unit, "gondola" is indeed the way to go.

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