Use Gridwall Booths to Create Freestanding Pharmacy Fixtures

Posted by Robert Walthall on Thu, Aug, 07, 2014 @ 09:30 AM

use_gridwall_boothsGridwall booths are simply a way to assemble gridwall panels together. Specifically, gridwalls let you create your own freestanding pharmacy fixtures. Generally three sided, structures are put together with gridwall panels to display just about any type of merchandise or product. Within your store, you can use them to create unique semi-enclosed displays. Instead of placing them against the wall or as freestanding double-sided displays, you fashion three sided booths with three panel sections.

Why use Gridwall booths?

  • They are easy to set up

Simply attach grid wall panels to each other; use casters and stand them upright. For best stability, attach gridwall legs to each corner of the three sided booth to create your display.

  • They are versatile

Gridwall booths come in simple finishes like chrome, black and white, so you should have no problem finding something to match your store's interior.

In addition, because of the way they are constructed, you can create any type of display you want in them. Use shelves, hooks, baskets, waterfalls, hanging arms… the sky is just about the limit. Mix and match merchandise of different sizes and materials to create complementary displays that will sell related but separate products grouped together. There's no need to spend time trying to accommodate bulky or oddly shaped items.

  • You can simply fold them up when done -- no need to completely disassemble

When you're done with your display, there's no need to completely break it down as you might have to with other display options. Instead, these pharmacy fixtures will simply fold up once you remove the display merchandise. Stash them away until their next use. When you want to use them again, simply unfold, reattach legs, and fill your display with merchandise once more.

  • They are sturdy

Gridwall booths are not in the least delicate. Although slatwall displays, for example, have much of the versatility offered by gridwall booths, they're not quite as sturdy. Display bulky or heavy items with no worries that the booth will collapse.

  • They can give your customers some privacy

They won't offer your customers the kind of privacy a solid walled booth will, but if your customers would prefer some shelter while they shop, an gridwall booth will let them have it.

  • They draw your customers' attention to your merchandise and can actually make them feel more comfortable

Did you know that shoppers are actually attracted to semi-enclosed (three sided) displays? Major retailers often use three sided or round displays to entice customers because they give customers a feeling of comfort and security – a sort of "hug," if you will, while customers shop.

  • You can take your displays on the road with you if you wish

Gridwall booths are the perfect mobile pharmacy fixtures. As a community pharmacist, you know that connecting with your community is so important. While it may certainly be necessary to have your customers and patients come to you, there are also times when you want to get out into the community and show off what you have. Gridwall booths let take your merchandise on the road with you; set up displays easily wherever you are and then take them down just as easily; again, because Gridwall booths simply fold, there's no need to wrestle with complicated disassembly or reassembly of the pharmacy fixtures.

If you are looking for freestanding, sturdy, versatile pharmacy fixtures, consider using gridwall booths. Whether you use them in your store or "on the road," they give you the freedom to display a myriad of products attractively and effectively; best of all, there's no need to worry that they won't hold up to the job.

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