Entice Customers by Showcasing Candy With Counter Displays

Posted by Robert Walthall on Fri, Jun, 06, 2014 @ 09:30 AM

Entice_Customers_by_Showcasing_Candy_With_Counter_DisplaysIf you're not making full use of your counter tops by putting a variety of "impulse buy" products on display, you're missing out on the opportunity to significantly boost your bottom line. You can put any number of products in pharmacy fixtures here, from magazines to over-the-counter medications. That said, one of the truly important products you should be showcasing is candy. Why, where and how should you be showcasing candy in counter displays?

Why use candy counter displays?

  • Candy is a quick consumable

Bottles of over the counter medications, magazines, and travel sized shampoo are great products to showcase in counter displays, but candy is the product that will sell every time and consistently. A single candy bar is generally a "single use" product, meaning that it gets consumed in a single sitting and then the customer will need to buy more if he or she wants more. You should sell packages of candy as well on the pharmacy fixtures, of course, but selling single serving sizes for quick grab will bring even greater profits; when customers have the opportunity to buy "just one," they may opt to do so as a "treat" when they wouldn't buy a whole bag.

  • Candy is the ultimate impulse buy

Good or bad, sugar is something almost everyone craves; in 2013, Americans spent almost $13 billion just on chocolate. You can parlay that craving into profits by placing candy displays prominently throughout the store.

  • You can boost sales especially during the holidays or on special occasions

Candy will be a top seller any time, but it's especially important to take advantage of special occasions and holidays like Halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Easter. These are prime times for top candy sales because customers naturally use more. They may consume more during the holidays because these are seen as special times of indulgence when normal "healthier" eating habits are put aside for the moment, and of course they also give more candy away in Christmas stockings, under the tree, to their loved ones, or to children who are trick-or-treating.

Where should you use candy counter displays?

  • At checkout counters

Checkout counters are prime locations for these types of displays, of course, since customers can very easily grab "just one candy bar" on their way out of your store as a last minute impulse buy.

  • Throughout the store

In addition, you can feed customers' impulse to buy candy by placing candy in pharmacy fixtures throughout the store, and in its own department.

How should you use candy counter displays?

You'll boost sales if you place candy displays throughout your store at regular intervals; include pharmacy fixtures that contain bags of candy in its own department, and then utilize tabletop and counter displays strategically. Counter displays are especially effective because they are at eye level or close to it, so customers can't miss them.

Make sure displays are easily visible from central locations in your store

When you establish your store's layout, you should have a central footpath that meanders counterclockwise throughout the store; it should be set up so that customers can easily break away from it to browse. Make sure any tabletop or counter displays of candy are easily visible from this footpath so that customers can't help but see what you've got to offer.

When you're stocking your counter displays, don't forget that candy can be a high-volume and very profitable product for you. Include it in counter and other pharmacy fixture displays throughout the store; you'll be giving your customers what they want and will give yourself a consistent profit producer, too.

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