Gridwall is an Affordable Pharmacy Fixture Option, No Wasted Space

Posted by Robert Walthall on Wed, Jun, 11, 2014 @ 09:30 AM

gridwall_is_an_affordable_pharmacy_fixture_optionDo you need to create displays with pharmacy fixtures that don't take up a lot of space? Gridwall is a functional, versatile, durable and affordable way to do so.

What is gridwall?

Gridwall(s) consists of a "grid" made of wire a quarter inch in diameter that is then fashioned into three inch squares. The wires are welded together at crossover points to make the grid stronger. Gridwall comes in panels, and can be used with pharmacy fixtures' accessories like racks, shelves and hooks, baskets, waterfalls and face outs for just about any type of display.

Sturdy, versatile, and mobile

Unlike some other types of versatile, changeable pharmacy fixtures like slatwalls, gridwalls are sturdy. They can support large, bulky, or otherwise oddly shaped merchandise in addition to small merchandise, so that you can display just about anything with them. In addition, gridwalls are also very mobile so that you can place them wherever you wish easily; by contrast, although gondola shelving is also very durable and versatile, it's not quite as mobile as gridwall.

Gridwalls versus slatwalls

  • Gridwalls are sturdier

Both gridwalls and slatwalls are extremely versatile. However, slatwalls are considerably less sturdy and can't hold as much weight. Therefore, it's wise to use slatwalls for lighter merchandise, and gridwalls for heavier merchandise when you're choosing pharmacy fixtures.

  • Gridwalls are "industrial" rather than "sleek"

Slatwalls are sleek and refined. By contrast, gridwalls have much more of an "industrial" look. Gridwall panels come in a variety of colors and can blend in with many other types of pharmacy fixtures you use; however, because the crossed wire backing is clearly visible, they have a sort of attractive yet rough-and-tumble look as compared to the slatwall's smooth veneer.

  • Gridwalls are just as versatile

Fortunately, gridwalls are just as versatile as slatwalls are, and you can use them literally anywhere -- with the advantage that they'll also hold most merchandise.

Gridwall uses

You can use gridwalls with pharmacy fixture accessories like baskets, shelves, hooks and hanger arms to display merchandise. Gridwalls can be assembled into freestanding display units with or without wheels, or can be used as one-sided displays against unused wall space.

In your store, gridwalls are perfect pharmacy fixtures for:

  • Medication displays

When slatwalls just won't do, gridwalls give you the sturdiness you need to display large bottles of or large amounts of over-the-counter medications that are too bulky or too heavy for slatwalls. Examples include large, heavy liquid bottles of antacid, peroxide, and rubbing alcohol, or large "grab and go" baskets of over-the-counter medications like aspirin and other NSAIDs, antihistamines, or cough drops.

  • First aid displays

With summer comes the inevitable bumps, bruises, scrapes and scratches of childhood. First aid displays should be placed throughout your store so that conscientious parents can come in and stock up on first aid needs like adhesive bandages, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and antibacterial ointment, to take care of these inevitable mishaps.

  • At home medical equipment displays

If you sell at home medical equipment like blood pressure monitors, crutches, or vaporizers, you need pharmacy fixtures that will stand up to the weight of the heavier equipment you sell. Gridwall displays are the perfect solution, in that you can place them wherever you wish and move them about easily, but still have the sturdiness you need.

If slatwalls don't quite fit the bill for your pharmacy fixtures display needs and you need a more flexible, mobile option than a gondola shelving unit or endcap, consider investing in gridwalls. Gridwalls have the versatility of slatwalls but are sturdy enough to handle heavy merchandise needs with versatility and rugged good looks.

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