How to Choose the Best Wire Candy Racks For Your Store

Posted by Robert Walthall on Wed, Jun, 18, 2014 @ 09:30 AM

how_to_choose_the_best_wire_candy_racksWhen you think of the best-selling merchandise in your store, what comes to mind? Over the counter medications? Prescriptions? First aid supplies?

Maybe, but if you think about it, you probably sell a lot of candy. Candy is the ultimate impulse buy. It satisfies America's craving for sweets, with Halloween candy sales alone worth $2.4 billion in 2013.

If you don't sell a lot of candy, it may be because you don't have it displayed properly on your pharmacy fixtures. Wire candy racks are the perfect way to display candy wherever you want to; they are light and easy to move, but sturdy enough to handle the job well.

How can you choose the best wire candy racks for your store?

1. By choosing the proper wire candy racks for the type of display you want to set up

Wire candy racks are very versatile pharmacy fixtures, and are available in a variety of configurations. Freestanding wire candy racks sit directly on the floor and are used with or without wheels. Countertop wire candy racks are perfect anywhere you've got an empty counter that could be put to good use. Wire candy racks can be configured to hold individual pieces of candy, fun size bars, packages of candy – candy of any type or size.

2. By choosing the right wire candy rack for the location of the display

You have five major "real estate" locations in your store for candy displays:

  • At the entrance to the store

Customers will be attracted to a candy display the instant they walk in and be tempted to buy. Place freestanding wire rack pharmacy fixtures there with best-selling brands or holiday items like candy canes or heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and enjoy greater profits.

  • In the candy department or aisle

This is the perfect place to showcase everything you've got to offer for candy selections, from loose candy to candy in boxes or bags.

  • In specialized freestanding displays throughout the store

Place these pharmacy fixtures strategically around the store so that customers can see them wherever they are as they shop. It's a simple matter for customers to "just grab" what they want as they walk by.

  • On countertops wherever candy is an appropriate purchase

Full and fun sized candy bars, suckers, and individually wrapped pieces of candy are most enticing when they are displayed on wire racks specially designed for countertops near the checkout and perhaps near pharmacy. Wire rack displays are available in countertop configurations; let customers buy just one or two pieces of candy or a single fun sized bar to have while they wait for their prescriptions back near the pharmacy, or keep them on countertops in checkout lanes so that customers can enjoy the same type of "quick impulse grab."

  • Immediately adjacent to checkout lanes

Consider putting freestanding wire rack fixtures on either side of the checkout as well. If you place freestanding fixtures immediately adjacent to checkout lanes, you'll also please customers who want bags of candy but don't want to run back to the candy aisle to get it.

3. By choosing the right wire racks for the types and sizes of candy you'll display

Small countertop sized displays can house loose candy, suckers, gum and fun sized bars, while larger freestanding displays can house bags of candy.

Remember, wire racks are the perfect pharmacy fixtures to display candy throughout your store. Versatile, sturdy, and movable, you can set up wire rack displays wherever you want to display candy on a whim – and then move them again as you need to. They offer the ultimate in display flexibility for this most popular merchandise.

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