Gondola Shelves: Traditional and Versatile

Posted by Robert Walthall on Fri, Jun, 20, 2014 @ 09:30 AM

gondola_shelves_traditional_and_versatileWhat shelving option can be used for just about any display, can be set up and broken down easily, and can even be used to construct your store layout? It's gondola shelving. This sturdy and versatile shelving option can be used to create a variety of displays that are either "permanent" or temporary.

Gondola shelving's components

Gondola shelving has three components: the standalone shelving unit known as the "island," the one-sided shelving unit known as the "wall unit," and the small standalone shelving unit that acts as an add-on to the islands known as the "endcap."

  • The island

This is probably what comes to mind when you think of gondola shelving. The island is a freestanding unit placed on the floor; it has shelving on either side. The core of the island is a heavy-duty, central piece; shelving is attached to both sides of this central piece. The island can be used with standard metal paneling, or you can attach pegboard paneling so that you can hang merchandise if you wish.

These shelving islands can be used as single freestanding units, or can be joined together to create extended continuous shelving units called "runs."

  • The wall unit

The wall unit is similar to the island, but the shelving is on just one side so that the shelving unit can be placed flat against the wall; this gives you the ability to fully utilize what otherwise might be wasted space.

  • The endcap

The endcap is placed at the end of the gondola island or run so that you can expand displays as needed without any visual disruption to the unit. Endcaps expand islands' or runs' space seamlessly because they are the same height and width as the run or island in question and simply blend in; they become a part of the display.

Why is gondola shelving so versatile?

  • It's made of steel

Gondola units (including the shelving and the central pieces) are made of heavy duty steel, so that you can buy them once and then use them again and again, for years. Although you will need to make a significant investment up front, you can use this shelving for years without having to replace it. As you grow and need more room to display merchandise, you can simply buy more shelving to accommodate the increase; use new and existing shelving together to save money without having to skimp on display space.

  • You can choose from a variety of heights, colors and styles

This type of shelving comes in a variety of heights, colors and styles to suit both your decor and your needs. As you add onto the gondola shelving you have, you can choose to buy again in the colors you've already chosen, or can instead choose accent colors that will complement your current look.

  • You can change your floor layout whenever you wish

It's probably not obvious at first glance, but gondola shelving can actually "construct" your store's layout. Instead of investing in stationary shelving that's going to cement your layout in place, you can simply set up and break down gondola shelving as you wish to change your layout as you need to. It's important that you be able to change your layout occasionally, both to accommodate new displays and to keep your look fresh and new; this will entice your customers, as well.

Whether you're just starting your business or simply need to add to your current shelving stock, make sure you don't overlook gondola shelving. This sturdy, versatile, endlessly changeable shelving can provide the foundation of your shelving needs in a cost-effective and ubiquitous way.

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