A Double Sided Gondola Can Increase Sales Space And Organization

Posted by Robert Walthall on Mon, Jun, 23, 2014 @ 09:30 AM

a_double_sided_gondola_can_increase_sales_space_andOrganizationGondola shelving is the go-to shelving for retail and pharmacy stores everywhere. There's a reason for that. It's versatile, easy to set up and break down, and very sturdy.

There are several components to this shelving: Wall units, double-sided gondola units called "islands," and endcaps. Islands are especially useful because they can effectively double your display space.

What's so special about double-sided gondola shelving?

  • A double-sided gondola gives you twice the amount of display space

Double-sided gondola units give you twice the amount of display space in a single footprint versus single-sided shelving. When you have double the space, you can display twice the amount of merchandise with a single display unit, thus making the best use of your precious floorspace.

  • You can create unique displays on either side of the gondola unit

Depending on your store's layout, you may wish to display completely separate products on either side of a single two-sided gondola unit. You can do this easily, thanks to the design.

  • You can make double-sided gondola units as long as you need them to be…

You can join two or more double-sided gondola units together to create a display option called a "run." This lets you create a display that's as large as you need it to be without making it look disorganized or haphazard. Because gondola units join together seamlessly, your gondola "run" looks like one large two-sided gondola shelving unit – neat, sleek, and professional.

  • …Or you can extend a gondola unit or run just a little bit with an endcap

The endcap is a unique addition to a double-sided gondola unit because it lets you expand your display space just a little bit. Your customers will never know that the endcap is actually separate from the gondola shelving unit. Instead, it blends right in to extend display space as needed, just as the separate single units of a run do.

  • You can adjust shelving to hold items of every shape and size

Gondola units' shelving is adjustable in one-inch increments, and you can make these adjustments instantly to accommodate merchandise of every size and shape. Further, the standard metal paneling available with gondola shelving can be left as is or can be covered with pegboard so that you can also hang items for sale, if you wish.

  • You can create your store layout quickly and easily for best organization

Gondola units don't just display and house merchandise on your sales floor. They can actually be the structure that creates your sales floor. How?

Gondola shelving lets you optimize your store's layout

  • Change the layout whenever you wish

Gondola shelving units look permanent on the floor, but they're really not. You can set up and break down gondola shelving very easily so that you can change your store layout whenever you wish. This helps you establish the best floor plan and layout for customer convenience and an optimal shopping experience.

  • Create a traffic footpath for a better shopping experience

Position the shelving units so that you create a traffic "footpath" through your store that subtly directs your customers to meander through your store counterclockwise. They'll see every department from one location and can easily find what they're looking for. You'll increase their comfort and make their shopping experiences more enjoyable, which also encourages them to buy.

Gondola shelving is the perfect storage and display choice for your store. With it, you can create an endless variety of displays; more than that, though, you can actually create your store's layout – and continue re-creating it --  to keep your store's layout and display options unique and exciting.

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