Store Fixtures For Utility and Style

Posted by Robert Walthall on Sun, Jul, 20, 2014 @ 09:30 AM

store_fixtures_for_both_utility_and_styleStore fixtures are essential to your business. You need them to store, organize, and display your merchandise. But store fixtures like gondola shelving are not just utilitarian organizers. You can actually use them to help you sell your merchandise.

Use store fixtures to help you sell merchandise

  • By using them as a stylish merchandise backdrop

Consider store fixtures like gondola shelving as part of your merchandise displays. When you use them effectively, and when they provide a stylish backdrop to product displays, customers will find them attractive and will be drawn to them.

Ditch old store fixtures and go with stylish new ones. Fixtures are now available in a variety of materials and styles – glass, wood, plastic, metal -- contemporary or classic. Pick fixtures that will complement or accent your overall decor and will present your merchandise in a fresh and appealing manner.

  • By reconfiguring your store layout

Gondola shelving and other fixtures look permanent, but they're not. They are designed to be adjustable and changeable quickly and easily, so that you can freshen your layout and customize it to current needs. When you leave a current layout in place for a long time, it can become "invisible" to customers. The environment becomes so familiar that your customers quit seeing the products you have to offer. Change your layout and your look quickly and easily, simply by breaking down and then setting up gondola shelving in a new configuration. Your customers will enjoy the new look – and you'll probably sell more merchandise, too.

  • By showcasing new, seasonal, and high-volume items

New and exciting products come on the market all the time, and it's your job to make sure they get seen and purchased. Stylish store fixtures give you the ability to set up eye-catching displays that will show off new merchandise and entice customers to purchase it. As new products continue to appear on the market, these displays will need to be changed out for fresh new ones.

Merchandise that becomes a bestseller will need their own frequently changing displays to stay in the forefront of customers' minds. It can be a juggling act to keep bestsellers and staple items at the top of the sales heap even as you continue to introduce new, hot items.

Fortunately, store fixtures like gondola shelving and endcaps will continue to give you the means to display all of the products you need to. You will not have to compromise on the quality of those displays, nor lose out on much-needed sales because your fixtures don't effectively showcase the merchandise you have to display.

  • By allowing you to update your look as needed without significant time or money investments

Does your store look old and dated? Would you like to do "new construction," but simply can't afford the time, expense, or mess that it will take?

You might not have to. A fresh coat of paint, some new flooring, new lighting and some new store fixtures might be all you need. New store fixtures can update your look without having to go through the time, expense and mess of new construction. Newer fixtures are also built to be more efficient; you can store and display more merchandise in them, and you can change your displays without having to reinvest in new fixtures more than once.

Store fixtures like gondola shelving are certainly utilitarian workhorses – but they are much more than that. They can update your decor, make your displays more efficient and attractive, and give you a whole new look quickly, inexpensively, and easily, no construction needed.

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