Common Slatwall Accessories Found in Pharmacies

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Common_Slatwall_Accessories_Found_in_PharmaciesIf you are feeling pinched for space on your pharmacy's sales floor, there is a way you can increase the amount of merchandise on display and still give your customers plenty of room to shop.

Slatwalls: Mobile, lighter duty options for display in tight spaces

Slatwalls are shelving units just as gondola shelving units are, but they are mobile. You can move them wherever you need to by installing them on freestanding legs specially designed for slatwalls, or you can install them directly on walls. Although gondola shelving is easy to set up and break down, slatwalls are even easier because of their mobility and light weight.

Some common slatwall accessories found in pharmacies

  • Panels

These slatwall accessories in essence personalize your slatwall displays by matching them to your decor or to the merchandise being displayed. This is a way to customize your look with options that make slatwall displays pop, inexpensively.

  • Floating shelves

Slatwalls use floating shelves because they are easy to install anywhere on the slatwall panel. You just slide them into the slats you choose, with no need to use brackets. You can change shelves' formation instantaneously.

You can also use other slatwall accessories in addition to shelves to create truly unique and customized displays, such as:

  • Faceouts

Slatwall faceouts are thin rigid strips of metal that attach at a 90 degree angle into the slatwall; they "face out" perpendicularly from the slatwall and are often used to display clothing, but can also hang difficult to display merchandise you may need to such as assistive devices like gait belts.

  • Brackets

Offered in a variety of colors, slatwall shelf brackets secure slatwall shelving and offer a sturdier adjustable shelving option versus floating shelves. Change shelving height and angle as you wish.

  • Waterfalls

Waterfalls are similar to faceouts, except that they attach at a downward angle from the slatwall, providing a "cascading" effect for display. Waterfalls allow customers to see merchandise that's behind other merchandise, hung in the front, for easy selection.

  • Baskets, bins, and pop boxes


Baskets are the perfect solution to contain small items on slatwalls such as shoelaces, small travel sized over-the-counter and personal hygiene items, single-serve wrapped candy, and any other small display needs.


Larger slatwall bins are lightweight but strong and can also be used on bottommost bracketed slatwall shelving for heavier items, while smaller "pop box" display banners can be attached slatwall shelving to house small merchandise.

  • Lights

In general, slatwalls and accessories are thought of as functional storage and display fixtures, but slatwall lights fall into the "slatwall accesories" category, too.

You may not think that merchandise needs to be lit when it is housed on a slatwall display. However, slatwall lights, used judiciously, can make it easier for customers to peruse merchandise that may otherwise be difficult to see, and can provide proper illumination for customers to view merchandise up close, under lighting, so that they know exactly what they're buying.

  • Brochure and literature holders

Perfect for your pharmacy area and near the checkout, slatwall displays'  brochure and literature holders can be attached to slatwalls at an angle for easy visibility. Use these near the pharmacy to explain various health conditions and their treatments to patients, to provide prescription drug information, or to include other reading materials. If your pharmacy sells greeting cards and magazines, literature holders make good display options vs. magazine racks.

Slatwall accessories don't just have to be limited to limited to floating shelves. Slatwalls are as versatile as other heavy-duty display choices like gondola shelving, but lighter weight for mobile display options that can be used in tight spaces without crowding customers.

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