Four Ways Crafty Retailers Use Eye-Level Shelf Space

Posted by Robert Walthall on Mon, Sep, 24, 2018 @ 09:02 AM

Four Ways Crafty Retailers Use Eye-Level Shelf SpaceIn the competitive, ever-evolving world of retail displays and retail store shelving, the most successful retailers utilize their eye-level shelf space in crafty ways involving creative retail display ideas. Shelving Design Systems in Pell City, AL looks at four ways in particular that certain retailers get the most out of their retail fixtures.

#1: Drive additional house-brand sales

For retailers with house brands, the upside is that quality is equal to name-brands while cost is less. Not only does this give shoppers a welcome alternative, it gives the retailer an opportunity to add another layer of exclusivity – simply because their own house brands aren’t available anywhere else. At eye-level is where these products shine, helping increase customer loyalty and consistent return visits for these unique offerings. And by virtue of the fact that these house brands are positioned next to “non-house” products, shoppers have an easy-to-see, less expensive alternative that increases sales and builds house-brand awareness.

#2: Drive profitability

This is an easy one, and very effective. When a retailer looks to boost profitability, they select the products with the highest profit margins, position them at eye-level, and watch the additional purchases and sales roll in. The only potential pitfall a retailer faces if an overpriced product (relative to its popularity) is given eye-level positioning instead of a consumer-loved brand leader, which is afforded a less desirable retail shelving locale – i.e. bottom of shelf.

#3. Showcase new product launches

New products are exciting for retailers and their customers, but putting them in the back of the store in retail display cases or in out-of-the-way retail display won’t get people interested in generate sales. That’s why savvy retailers always position new products at eye-level, ensuring that customers see, interact with, and choose these new items.

#4: Renting out premium shelf space

For retailers with multiple suppliers, sometimes it’s more lucrative to rent out premium eye-level shelf space than to use it for their own goods. Many suppliers look to boost a particular product line over a certain amount of time, and crafty retailers will rent out, say, five eye-level shelves at a premium price. This equates to considerable profit made from the most prime retail wall shelving and retail store fixtures – a number that looks even better when it’s added to the retailer’s own sales.

With this income, retailers can fund new in-house initiatives or put the money towards the bottom line. There are some complexities involved in renting out premium shelf space, including timely ordering, space management, accurate invoicing, and coming to the right agreement with the supplier.

These are just four ways in which crafty retailers utilize eye-level shelf space to their benefit and that of their customers and suppliers. Get the most out of your retail merchandising services by studying how the best retailers use eye-level shelf space to get ahead, and by contacting Shelving Design Systems for your next retail or healthcare project.

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