Gondola Shelving: Your Retail Shelving Mainstay

Posted by Robert Walthall on Thu, May, 11, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

shutterstock_78166000Gondola shelving has long been the mainstay of retail  a familiar sight in almost every type of establishment, from the local grocery store to the corner pharmacy, from the designer shops to the big box bargain outlets and dollar stores. It is the strong, versatile, and indispensable workhorse that no store can do without – a fact that often doesn't please retailers with the goal of standing out from the crowd. However, using gondola fixtures doesn't mean your independent pharmacy has to look like a smaller version of that corporate chain store down the road.      

The term "gondola shelving" typically conjures up an image of stark, generic, utilitarian, pre-fabricated one-size-fits-all metal shelving units, and frankly, that's what you'll see in most retail stores. However, that's not the whole story when it comes to gondola shelving. There are many options besides the gondola fixtures everyone else has, options that are just as strong and versatile as those traditional units, but much more interesting and attractive as well.

So if generic isn't the atmosphere you're going for as you outfit or remodel your retail space, look a little further than the typical gondola fixtures. Shop around or talk to a designer about color and accessory options that can give your shelving a look that better suits your décor, or look into custom options for even greater choice and flexibility. Gondola shelving can be streamlined and sophisticated, dressed up in rich mahogany tones or shiny black laminate, or done up to fit into a rustic or retro atmosphere, among many other options.

If you're interested in a layout that goes beyond the typical straight aisles and display islands, consider serpentine gondola styles, which offer the same level of utility as traditional gondola shelving without the sharp angles. These custom options create attractive, unique attention-grabbing displays, yet are, like all gondola types, very versatile, able to be configured in dozens of ways.

The bottom line is that gondola shelving doesn't have to be a boring, utilitarian fixture camouflaged behind more attractive design elements or minimized in favor of less functional, but more stylish fixtures. Well-designed gondola fixtures can offer the workhorse performance and versatility these fixtures are known for in a much more stylish package – used to create attractive focal points in your retail layout that will help, rather than hinder, your goal of creating a retail space that stands out from the crowd.

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