Good-Quality Versus Poor-Quality Pharmacy Shelving

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Good-Quality Versus Poor-Quality Pharmacy ShelvingWhether your inclination regarding your business is toward using the very best high-quality or custom-made pharmacy shelving or you'd rather save money by going for shelves and fixtures at the lower end of the price range (or even purchase used equipment), you can bet that your decision will affect the tone and style of your drugstore for years to come.

We're all familiar with the phrase "you get what you pay for," but still, most of us are tempted from time to time to save a bundle on a bargain that just looks too good to pass up. A good example is hand tools. If you've ever been to a dollar store and purchased a wrench, scissors, or pair of pliers, usually manufactured on the other side of the world, and later realized that what looked good is actually a piece of useless junk, you've fallen prey to the form vs. function conundrum. When they say, "made in China—good for 30 days," that's often a generous estimate. Sometimes one single use of an inferior product is all it takes for it to be unceremoniously relegated to either the junk drawer or, often, to the trash bin!

Look West to Find the Best

Made in America still means something special these days and, although you might sometimes be asked to spend a bit more for something truly quality-made, you'll almost always end up saving money when it's all said and done. Like those hand tools mentioned earlier, a high-quality American-made alternative may often cost more, but it's something you'll likely use with pride and joy for many years, marveling at the difference that some exacting design and fine craftsmanship can make to the manufacture of a product.

Unlike with those small hand tools, though, when purchasing pharmacy shelving for your new or remodeled store, you're generally talking thousands of dollars, which makes the price bargain between the bad and the best appear huge. Don't be fooled. Choosing the cheap will cause you to pay over and over for a mistake that could have been avoided by simply considering just a few important points:

  • Poor-quality shelving will often translate in the minds of your customers as housing poor quality merchandise. High-quality shelving will cause the opposite effect.

  • High-quality, attractive shelving will actually make your products look more attractive and will have the ability to attract customers closer to view what you have on offer. They can be contemporary, trendy, color-coordinated with the store theme, or custom-milled wood and glass units that produce an aura of class and sophistication, if that's what you're looking to provide to those visiting your establishment.

  • Poor-quality shelving will be unattractive from the very beginning, will be unable to stand up to heavy loads, and will require replacement after just a short number of years.

  • Quality pharmacy shelving should be capable of being installed to create definite customer foot traffic patterns through your store and should be flexible enough in its design to allow for easy redeployment when you want to change things up in the store.

Quality shelving can be made from wood, glass, chrome, steel or a variety of painted metals. All your shelving doesn't have to be the same, and a good shelving system will allow you to attractively mix and match different types together to create a pleasing store environment. Stay away from the cookie-cutter shelving found in most large chain drug store operations, and don't look to buy your new shelves from the same places they get theirs. Stay unique!

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