Is Your Pharmacy Living in the Past? 5 Ways to Make It More Modern and Friendly

Posted by Robert Walthall on Tue, Apr, 19, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

Is Your Pharmacy Living in the Past? 5 Ways to Make It More Modern and FriendlyIf your pharmacy has become a little old and tired and doesn’t present the type of attractive, modern layout that you’d like, it’s probably time to consider a new pharmacy design. If it’s been more than a decade since you’ve had a major store retrofit, it may be past time to go with an updated store layout in the front end, back end, or both.

Aesthetics are Key

What sets independent pharmacists' stores apart from large, big-box pharmacy chain stores is exactly what will keep customers returning and recommending their establishments to others. The way a customer feels upon immediately entering your space has a huge effect on their entire shopping experience, whether they’ve come in simply to have a prescription filled, to buy a pain relief medication, to seek the advice of the on-duty pharmacist, or to shop for various retail items in your front end merchandising area.

You want them to feel comfortably welcomed, impressed by the cleanliness and order, warmed by your store’s unique individuality, and, most of all, free to spend time browsing and shopping. Here are some proven tips for making your pharmacy more modern and efficient, personalized, and friendly.

  1. Utilizing the services of a dedicated pharmacy design firm can help greatly with the planning and execution of your store’s remodeling job. They’re experts in everything from décor and signage to foot traffic patterns, display shelving and fixtures, lighting, workspace design and efficiency, and much more. A specialized design firm with plenty of past success in modernizing other pharmacies will save you time, trouble, and aggravation in coming up with something you’ll be truly happy with.

  2. Concentrating on factors that set you apart from drugstore chain operations, you’ll want to consider everything from the ground up – from the floors to the overhead lighting. Rather than the traditional, clinical-looking linoleum tile flooring you might expect a pharmacy to have, consider hardwood flooring or an attractive laminate alternative. Lighting should be soft yet focused to make everything, especially merchandise, easily visible.

  3. Bring the feeling of the outdoors into your retail space with the use of natural lighting from large, uncovered windows and/or skylights. Add some non-blooming plants to freshen up the air and add a pleasing, natural look.

  4. A modern pharmacy design includes functional, quality shelving placed so that aisles remain uncrowded and are wide enough so shoppers going in both directions don’t bump into each other. Standard metal shelves should be replaced with custom millwork or laminate shelving, with the judicious addition of glass and endcaps for more a refined look.

  5. Customer traffic should be made to travel in a counter-clockwise direction and meander through each section of your merchandise area. Rest areas with chairs should be strategically and centrally located so customers may sit while still being able to view the various sales areas. Clear signage should be installed to indicate each area. Your brand colors and logo should be incorporated at various points throughout the store, including on some signs.

There are plenty of other factors to consider in fostering a more modern pharmacy design. These can be drawn out beforehand using computerized virtual plans. You can look into the process here. Remember, like they say, proper prior planning prevents poor performance!

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