Is Your Pharmacy Workflow Killing Your Productivity?

Posted by Robert Walthall on Wed, Aug, 08, 2018 @ 08:43 AM

Is Your Pharmacy Workflow Killing Your Productivity?If you’ve noticed a decrease in your pharmacy’s productivity, poor workflow could be the reason. Shelving Design Systems, a leader in pharmacy shelving and pharmacy solutions, has several ideas for boosting productivity and improving your bottom line.

Dedicated consultation stations

Patient consultation is integral to a pharmacy’s success. But as much as every pharmacy would like to spend more time with its patients, this desire can often get lost in the shuffle due to rapid-fire processing at one small window or counter. However, any pharmacy seeking improved workflow can improve its pharmacy design by establishing a dedicated consultation space where one or more patients can discuss their personal needs without fear of being overheard by other patrons. Not only does this boost patient loyalty and confidence, it eases traffic flow because you’ll have one defined section for simple pickups and one for consultations.

Improve inventory management

The keener your inventory decisions, the more space you’ll save and the more money your pharmacy will make. Less clutter is a big plus for clients and employees, who will no longer get frustrated about where something is stored or where a patient’s prescription is. Arguably the best way to improve your inventory management is to pursue an automated dispensing system. There are a range of systems to consider, but they all share the same goal: automatic dispensing and inventory tracking, which helps you to avoid order overages and consequently losing money by throwing away expired medication. Plus, an automated system frees up your pharmacists to accomplish other tasks in the office.

Consider adding new retail space

Along with automating some of your processes, perhaps your pharmacy could benefit by adding new retail space and fresh revenue generators. With new retail space comes the opportunity to integrate new pharmacy décor and pharmacy fixtures that can boost existing-customer loyalty and bring new customers into the store. Also, more retail space allows room for revenue-makers like compounding, immunizations, and med sync.

Refine your work processes

If you and your employees don’t take the time to evaluate what’s going right and what needs improving, you won’t reach your “better workflow” goal. Gather as a team and discuss key questions like “How many steps are needed to fill a prescription?”, “What concerns does each person have with the current workspace?”, and “What are our customers doing while they’re waiting for a prescription?” After you’ve answered these questions, create a plan to institute improvements and watch your workflow improve.

The right equipment is important

Nowadays there are more choices than ever when it comes robots and machines that are intelligent, powerful, and capable of handling laborious tasks. This allows you to spend more time with your customers and more time thinking about improvements to your pharmacy, while simultaneously reducing labor hours or repurposing those hours to more productive tasks.

An efficient, automated pharmacy workflow process is key to continuously boosting your pharmacy’s productivity and giving your customers and your employees every reason to come back. For help in streamlining your pharmacy’s workflow, contact Shelving Design Systems in Pell City, AL.

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