Retail Store Shelving: What Comes First?

Posted by Robert Walthall on Tue, Sep, 12, 2017 @ 09:30 AM

shelving in retail stores what comes firstAre you in the process of planning for the setup of your retail store? As you construct your budget, you no doubt have allocated funds for everything that you think you will need: Expenses like rent and utilities, vendor payments, and an endless list of others, to be sure, but also all of the fittings for the store itself.

Where does retail shelving fit into your budget?

Have you allocated funds for shelving and fixtures immediately as a central expense when you first set up your budget – or do you think that this is an expense you will "fit in" as you are able?

If getting the appropriate amount and types of retail shelving are things you plan to do "later" in your setup process, stop and reconsider. It may seem to make sense to wait and see what you'll need, or to squeeze them in after everything else is done – but don't skimp. You need to budget in at least some retail shelving fixtures right at the start. You can add more as you grow.

What types of retail shelving should you budget for first?

The type of retail shelving you will need the most of will depend somewhat on the type of merchandise you sell, but you can't go wrong with these versatile pieces as first choices. They can be set up and broken down quickly to reconfigure displays as needed:

Gondola shelving

Gondola shelving is the most ubiquitous and versatile of shelving types; it doesn't just hold merchandise for you; it can actually help you establish your store's layout. Buy enough gondola shelving units to house most merchandise; you can make the units even more versatile by buying baskets, hooks, and slatwalls to make displays more versatile.

Mix and match a few pieces that are comprised of "islands," which are double-sided gondola shelving; wall units (one-sided gondola shelving); and end caps, which extend a series of single or attached gondola islands (called "runs") slightly, for good use of space.

Check out countertop wire baskets and racks

Invest in a few fixtures that will be placed right next to or on checkout counters; wire baskets and racks to hold magazines, gum, and other small purchases are good choices. These help you turn a profit immediately, because they encourage last minute impulse buys.

Tabletop display fixtures

You can use tabletop display fixtures throughout your store to showcase hot new items, or high-volume staples. You can also use them for seasonal items, or for holiday displays.

A few pointers

Buy enough gondola shelving to set up your first floor layout, then expand and reconfigure as you grow

Gondola shelving is the gift that keeps on giving. Buy once and you shouldn't have to replace again for a long time. Add a few pieces every year to keep up with expanded merchandise displays.

Outfit every checkout counter with tabletop and freestanding wire racks

If you don't have the appropriate retail shelving and fixtures, you'll miss out on "impulse buy" sales. Start just by buying one each freestanding and tabletop fixture for each checkout counter.

Don't forget to put tabletop displays right next to checkout counters and at the store entrance, too

Tabletop displays can be placed right near the store's entrance and at the checkout counter for products that you want to move. You will improve your bottom line and give customers what they need, as well.

These retail shelving and fixtures suggestions should get you started as you set up your store. As you grow, you can add more as you need to, and easily expand the amount of merchandise you showcase.

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