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steel_shelving_unitsIt's no mistake that many retail shelving units are made of steel. Reliable and sturdy, steel shelving units can be used in just about any retail shelving situation; they are especially useful when you need reliable, long-lasting options for storage and display that will stand the test of time.

Steel Shelving Uses

Stock room storage

Industrial steel shelving can be used to store inventory long-term. Use it in the stockroom to make the best use of space that is at a premium. Because steel shelving is so versatile and is available in so many sizes, you can choose the exact configuration to fit your needs.

Choose mobile shelving, also called "carriage systems," to make the most efficient use of space in your stock room. These shelving units are either on wheels so that they can be moved into any position, or are placed on tracks so that they can be horizontally "stacked" accordion-style side-by-side with other retail shelving units. Employees simply move shelving units out to create space between them when they need to retrieve something, and then move them back into very close proximity with each other when finished. This lets you use very limited stockroom space very efficiently.

Warehouse storage

The type of heavy duty steel shelving units used in warehouse storage is different than standard steel shelving. It's made of steel beams and stores very heavy, large merchandise. These shelving units are more than 20 feet tall and shelves themselves are rated by the amount of weight they can hold. These units come in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions depending on what you need. Generally, these shelves are freestanding rather than wall-mounted; they use the floor to bear the weight contained on the shelves – a much more reliable solution than using mounting screws attached to the wall.

Steel retail shelving units should be ordered to "National Sanitation Foundation"-certified standards for foodstuffs or other items that need to be kept sanitary. These shelves meet strict safety standards necessary for the health or food industries.

Product display

Although retail shelving comes in a number of different styles and materials, including wood, glass, and plastic as well as metal, steel shelving units provide a uniquely durable and cost-effective option that will last for years to come.

Gondola shelving and end caps comprise one of the most ubiquitous and well used retail shelving systems.

Easy to set up and break down, gondola shelving and end caps perform several functions. They certainly hold and display products so customers are drawn to and can find them easily, but gondola shelving can also help you establish the basics of your store's layout.

Gondola shelving units establish the freestanding aisles of products so familiar in retail merchandise display. Reconfigure your store's layout (and guide customers through their shopping experiences for greatest impact and a definitive boost to your bottom line) whenever you wish by repositioning gondola shelving and their shorter counterparts, end caps.

Because gondola shelves and end caps set up and  break down easily, these can be used to change the look and traffic flow of your store almost instantly, whenever you need to. Changing the look of your store occasionally will freshen things up and keep your merchandise visible for your customers.

Although retail shelving comes in many materials, steel is one of the most often chosen because of its long-lasting durability and attractive presentation. Buy steel shelving units once and reuse again and again for years to come. This is cost-effective for your bottom line, since you just have to invest once, and can increase profits as a result.

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