The Importance of Setting Your Independent Pharmacy Apart

Posted by Robert Walthall on Wed, Jan, 13, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

The Importance of Setting Your Independent Pharmacy ApartIt once seemed as though the days of the "old time" independent pharmacy were fading, replaced by the convenience of the "big box" stores and mega marts that carried everything from bedding to beauty products, groceries to lawn mowers.

However, as a society, we’re finally starting to realize the importance of appreciating what really matters, which includes our health and wellness. Sure, the benefits of one-stop shopping are great. But what do you do there if you have questions? Can you really trust the staff to know as much about antibiotics as they do anti-freeze? Does the environment instill a feeling of camaraderie and trust? Or is it cold and merely efficient, making you feel isolated and rushed?

Buying local, recognizing the importance of wellness, and returning to hometown values are making a comeback, and the chaos created by convenience is beginning to take a backseat as people seek more of a connection with one another, with nature, and with themselves.

The Importance of Being an Independent Pharmacist

Thanks to this shift, people are no longer considering the big-box pharmacy as the only place to fulfill their prescriptions, first aid, and health services. Instead, they are beginning to seek out options that differ from the austere and cold super-stores pharmacies, instead opting for places that offer an atmosphere of wellness – for both the body and the mind – along with the experience and knowledge necessary to accommodate today’s health-conscious individuals.

Your independent pharmacy is a multi-faceted locale where tired new parents can fill a prescription and ask questions without feeling hurried along. Your staff can discuss the latest in health supplements to the local sports coaches and even offer a recommendation or two. Additionally, your community can trust that you’ll always be willing to stop and listen to their needs. These are traits of a pharmacy that is dedicated to the health of their patients and invested in the wellness of each customer.

Pharmacy Design: What You See is What You Get

As an independent pharmacy, you have the opportunity to determine the image that you wish to project to your community and the ability to decide how to best meet the unique needs of those in your area. Current pharmacy trends lean toward a multi-purpose, yet still health and wellness focused pharmacy.

Your pharmacy should be designed to be one or more of the following:

  • Friendly and relaxed
    A place that offers coffee as customers browse a variety of locally sourced merchandise

  • Spa-like
    With a healthy, holistic, and whole-body wellness focus

  • Fitness and high-energy centered
    Providing support and supplements for local athletes and trainers

Just as the interior scheme of a home provides insight into the people who live there, so should the interior of your pharmacy provide a glimpse into the nature of your shop. Your pharmacy's retail design is important to building a customer base and maintaining a thriving and successful business in your community.

Developing Your Pharmacy's Image

However you choose to shape the image of your independent pharmacy, your shelving and layout should support the overall theme. For example:

  • For a friendly and relaxed pharmacy, consider incorporating:
    • A coffee bar to serve as a local meeting place
    • Warm paint colors
    • Slatwalls with baskets, hanging brackets, and wooden shelves
    • tasteful signage

  • To create a spa-like atmosphere, feature:
  • If you're aiming for a high-energy fitness focus, utilize:
    • Spotlighted showcase displays
    • Theme-colored shelving and signage
    • Painted wood floors
    • Wide shelves to accommodate for supplement canisters
    • Custom millwork shelving
    • Mirrored displays

By making your space special, you give yourself an opportunity to become preferred above the other choices. Your pharmacy design options are endless, creating limitless possibilities for you to set yourself apart from the competition and cookie-cutter big box pharmacies.

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