Why Choose Madix Shelving Products?

Posted by Robert Walthall on Mon, Aug, 27, 2018 @ 08:51 AM

Why Choose Madix Shelving Products?Collectively, the team at Shelving Design Systems in Pell City, AL has more than 150 years of experience in providing exceptional retail and pharmacy solutions to our customers nationwide. We’ve worked with plenty of different products, and we can say without reservation that Madix shelving is one of the industry’s best. Here’s an overview of why Madix offers some of the market’s best products.

Storage shelving

One of the best ways to boost profitability and efficiency on your sales floor is to optimize the organization of areas your customers can’t see – namely, your back room and other storage rooms. Madix storage shelving is adaptable in size to almost any space, and it’s ideal for housing excess inventory: general merchandise, packaged garments, auto parts, shoes, and more. The shelves are composed of high-density particle board, and all shelving units are painted Sahara or Blue Gray to reinforce the system’s strength and accentuate its attractiveness.

Modular pharmacy shelving

If you’re a pharmacy owner or manager looking to maximize your pharmacy workflow process, you need the right pharmacy shelving. Madix delivers with three top-rated products, one of which is the back-to-back rolling Rx unit. This double-sided system reduces required space by 45% while helping to consolidate bays. Along with space-efficient modular bay units, this unit also integrates sliding panels with a spring cushion that keeps bottles stable.

Meanwhile, Madix’s tubular pharmacy shelving system boasts cutting-edge design features that can accommodate the space and access requirements of even the most modern prescription area. Available in an open or closed-back design, all structural components lock together. Plus this system’s tubular uprights offer excellent stability, and there’s a diverse menu of accessories with which to customize the system to your needs and taste.

Another go-to product from Madix is its rolling Rx unit. This adaptable system offers simple installation – in fact it mounts to a standard tubular pharmacy system and uses standard tubular pharmacy 16” or 32”-wide shelves. With this system in place, your pharmacy gains optimum usage of floor space and increases storage capacity by 60% - 90% on wall sections.


Store owners seeking maximum display capability should consider Maxi Grid, which provides retailers with unbelievable configurability. Shelving configurations can be changed seamlessly, with no time wasted on valuable merchandising space, and all parts/accessories are designed for easy install. In just a few minutes, store owners can create a fresh, custom look.

Maxi Grid is great at complementing a store environment that’s clean and open, and it’s sure to draw attention to wares of all kinds, including home goods and apparel. Also, along with its customizable forms, Maxi Grid coms with Slatwalll and Grid Back options for even more versatility.

Maxi Line shelves & accessories

We touched above on storage and pharmacy solutions, and those are just the tip of the iceberg. The Maxi Line shelves & accessories line includes dividers, grid panels, slatwall accessories, media display baskets, tool displays, candy shelves and lots more. And on the shelving side, the Maxi Line has all bases covered, from heavy-duty shelving and specialty shelving to concave/radius shelving and half-radius concave shelving.

Whether you’re a retailer interested in the latest shelving designs or a pharmacy interested in improving its pharmacy decor, pharmacy design, and pharmacy fixtures, you should meet Madix. Contact Shelving Design Systems today and we’ll show you how.  

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