The Role of Retail Fixtures in Making the Sale

Posted by Robert Walthall on Fri, Sep, 20, 2013 @ 01:25 PM

The Role of Retail Fixtures in Making the SaleThe retail fixtures in your store don't just organize your merchandise; used properly, they can actually help you make the sale, too. How?

  • They organize your merchandise

In order to make products sell, you must organize them so that customers can see at a glance what's available. Retail fixtures let you do that in an endless variety of configurations based upon your needs. When you organize your merchandise so that it's easy for customers to see what you have as they browse your store, you increase your sales.

  • They showcase your merchandize and make it more enticing

Any retail fixture can simply hold merchandise, but the right retail fixture can showcase your merchandise to make it look more attractive, thus enticing customers to buy. No longer must you simply settle for retail fixtures that are bland and boring. Instead, experiment with different materials including glass, plastic, wood or metal, and customize colors to fit your decor and your products, as well. When you use the right retail fixtures to showcase products, they sell themselves.

  • They let you design your store and merchandize layout so that customers want to shop

When you strategically plan your store layout so that it's easy and comfortable for customers to browse, you encourage them to stay and shop, boosting sales. Your retail display fixtures can make or break your success in this regard.

The right retail fixtures will:

  • Present rather than hide your merchandise

Make sure you never put any product for sale above eye level. Keep in mind as well that most people have 170-degree fields of vision; your retail displays' configuration and store setup should reflect that.

In addition, make sure displays are well lit and aren't overstocked with merchandise. Strategically use wall units, gondola shelving, and other retail fixtures to "advertise" various products in a way that will make them easy to see and access.

  • Allow you to create interesting displays on a whim

Today's fixtures are meant to work together, so that you can create interesting displays very easily and quickly, which is can be especially useful when you want to move high-volume, seasonal or sale items. You can just as quickly break down your displays when you're done with them, too, then set them up again in another creative configuration that will keep your customers' interest day in and day out.

  • Be modern and up-to-date

It's simple: Old, dated fixtures make you look old and dated, too, and that won't bode well for sales. While you can certainly make good use of quaint or whimsical wood shelving for certain displays, for example, it's best not to stick with the old fallbacks like standard, bland metal shelving if you want to truly and properly present products so that they'll sell. Older fixtures are also not as lightweight or easy to set up and break down as new ones are; this is also necessary so that you can change displays often and keep things fresh.

Finally, modern fixtures bring you and your merchandise into the 21st century. Invest in new retail fixtures if you need to, so as to freshen your look and again, increase sales.

  • They can "guide" the customer's paths through your store to encourage high end purchases

The right fixtures, strategically placed, can guide, not impede, your customers' paths through your store. Keep traffic areas clear, but do deliberately place displays and retail fixtures along your customers' paths so that they must go by your more highly priced products as they shop. This will encourage customers to buy not only standard but high-margin products, thereby increasing overall sales volume.

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