The Secret to Optimizing Your Checkout Lane: POP Displays

Posted by Robert Walthall on Thu, Jul, 26, 2018 @ 09:44 AM

The Secret to Optimizing Your Checkout Lane: POP DisplaysThe Point of Purchase (POP) area of your pharmacy is a goldmine of sales opportunity and is more than a place for gum and lottery tickets. Once a customer has reached the POP, they have already committed to buying something, and here’s the chance for you to influence their buying decisions before they check out. POP displays are crucial to building revenue off low cost, high profit items that customers can’t resist.

Here’s five secrets to optimizing sales with POP displays.

Focus on Star Performers for the Quick In and Out Customer

Understanding your customer persona is key to maximizing POP displays. As a pharmacy, you have few customers that come in just to browse. They are almost always there with a very specific purpose, and they’re looking for a quick in and out.

This means that they aren’t the type of customer that’s going to hang around and mull over an impulse purchase the point of purchase. In pharmacies, items displayed in this area should be merchandise that already has a proven track record of being star performers. This could be merchandise that has a long and consistent sales history, or hot trending items that make for quick impulse grabs – think along the lines of last year’s fidget spinners.

Think Preventative Maintenance

Often, pharmacy customers have an illness, injury or are experiencing some sort of discomfort – or are caring for someone that does. As they’re approaching the point of purchase, they may be thinking about the money they’re spending on something that was completely avoidable. Now is the time to tap into their interest in preventative maintenance.

Displays built around preventative measures catch your customer’s eye. For example, if you know that running injuries spike at a certain time each year, a POP display featuring knee braces, ice packs, pain reliever and a running magazine is likely to catch attention.

Leverage Seasonality

Leverage seasonal trends and sales records to create high performing point of sale displays. If your flu season peaks in January, stock prominent front-end pharmacy shelving fixtures with immune boosting supplements. Complimentary items like tissues and thermometers can remind a customer why they should stock up on the immune boosters.

Changing seasonal displays frequently is key to keeping merchandise moving, even if you follow the same theme.

Get Eye to Eye with Your Customers

Since customers at the point of purchase aren’t intentionally looking for something else to buy, merchandise needs to capture their attention right where they can see it – at eye level. Make it easy for them to spot and grab merchandise from pharmacy fixtures specifically designed for the exiting customer’s behaviors.

Set Up a Pharmacist’s Pick

Pharmacists are viewed as positions of authority in pharmacies, and repeat customers are likely to build a relationship of trust with the person behind the prescription window. Consider tapping into this respect by featuring a weekly pharmacist’s pick.

Pharmacy Solutions for Point of Purchase Success

The shelving and fixtures used in merchandising are just as important as the products themselves. Fixtures that match your pharmacy décor are visually pleasing and easy to shop. When you’re ready to elevate your customer’s POP experience and maximize sales, contact Shelving Design Systems for more information about our pharmacy design solutions.

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